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As Preeti & Ajay were sipping tea, the telephone rang ” tring …..tring “.Preeti tried to stood up to receive the phone call but Ajay picked up the receiver . ” Hello this is Sheetal’s mother speaking ” . Ajay considering her elderly woman talked to her politely although he had a big hatred for Sheetal but as soon as he heard that Sheetal is in hospital , Ajay was shocked , he remembered her threats ….& thought she has done something to her self to defame him. Now there will be a police case . Ajay became speechless , his face turned pale . Looking at Ajay , Preeti too became nervous & thought there is something wrong. Preeti gathered her strengths & went towards the telephone without asking Ajay anything she switched on the speaker of the phone & the receiver was still in Ajay’s hand. She heard a woman crying & saying that please save Sheetal , I cannot live without my daughter Sheetal…please help me ….Sheetal is in K.E.M. Hospital. On hearing this Preeti said , ” Aunty she will be alright soon..& I will pray for her ” . Preeti shut off the phone without saying any thing further .

Preeti & Ajay both were lost in their own thoughts , they did not know what has happened but both were unhappy from Sheetal’s side .Their hairs were standing on their end. After two minutes the telephone again rang ” tring tring ” . Preeti & Ajay looked at each other as if what is next ….is it a call from Police station ?. Although Preeti’s hand were shivering , she slowly lifted the telephone receiver & in stammering voice said , ” Hello ” . It was again Sheetal’s mother call . ” Please help me , I need money urgently & please do not say no “……. Preeti replied , ” How much , when & where ? ” . Sheetal’s mother , ” Some 20-25 Thousands & if you can get the money at K.E.M. Hospital , as early as possible “. Preeti without any second thought replied , ” Ok ” & kept the receiver down . Ajay in curiosity , ” what happened Preeti …tell me please “. Preeti told that it was Sheetal’s mother call & she was asking for a some money urgently . Ajay , ” I am totally blank…..I do not know what will happen next …..life is becoming very difficult for me…..I pray that Sheetal is not playing any prank with us ” . Preeti , ” I hope so but still on humanitarian grounds I will go to hospital to meet Sheetal but before I go I want to know that , does Sheetal’s mother know about your & her daughter’s relationship ” . Ajay after thinking , ” She thinks I am Sheetal’s good friend & a colleague ” . Preeti , ” Ok….it is better if her mother does not know about it “.

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