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Ajay , ” So what are you planning to do next ? . Preeti , ” we should go to the hospital ” . Ajay did not reply for a while because his ” Yes ” might force Preeti to think that I have still love for Sheetal & Ajay did not want to lose Preeti & at nay cost. Preeti asked Ajay , ” So what do you say ” . Ajay kept calm for a while than with full strength said . ” You go to the hospital to see Sheetal & than you call me from there , I will come there with money ” .Preeti , ” Ok …I was also thinking the same “.Preeti took a quick bath & without having a proper breakfast left for the hospital . Ayush was left with Ajay . Preeti took a cab for K.E.M. hospital . Although she was physically in taxi but was mentally in hospital ….she was curious to know what had happened to Sheetal & she was also thinking about the threats which were given by Sheetal last night . Preeti’s heart was pounding hard as she was getting different different thoughts in her mind . Her hairs were flying but she did not bother to tie them back . Preeti’s condition was miserable as from last 48 hours she was continuously thinking only about Sheetal. She had forgotten to eat , sleep & the fact that she is pregnant. Last 48 hours were her worst moment of life.

Preeti cam out of her thoughts when the taxi driver said that madam , ” here comes K.E.M. hospital ” . Preeti was in a big hurry so she gave a 100 Rs note & did not even bother to take the balance back.She rushed to the hospital & on the reception took the details of Sheetal. As she was walking towards Sheetal’s room , Preeti was sweating .Her hairs were sticking on her face & neck & she finally managed to walk inside Sheetal’s room.In the room Sheetal was lying all alone on a bed . Seeing Preeti , Sheetal in a very low voice asked Preeti to sit on a chair which was lying in the room. Preeti took the seat & asked Sheetal about her mother . Sheetal said that she just have gone out to meet some doctors. Preeti was unable to look at Sheetal as she was badly wounded , her left hand was fractured & her face had many deep markings . Sheetal’s right was smaller than her left eye because of the injury on her forehead. Preeti without making an eye contact with Sheetal asked her how it happened ? . Sheetal looked here & there ….than slowly told Preeti to shut the room door for a while . Preeti was afraid as to why she is asking her to close the door ……will she speak something about Ajay ?

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