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Preeti stood up & slowly walked towards the door & unwillingly shut the door than again came back & sat on the chair near Sheetal . Sheetal now with extremely painful voice said , ” Thanks for visiting me …..you are really a jewel .This is a punishment given to me by God for trying to create a rift between you & Ajay ” . Sheetal than closed her eyes for a while & kept quite .Preeti was confused …she did not understand what was happening in her life. Previous night Sheetal threatened her & now she is apologizing. Preeti , ” Sheetal are you ok “. Sheetal , ” Please forgive me Preti “. Preeti , ” whom am I to forgive you or punish you “. Sheetal , ” Please forgive me before I die ” . Preeti , ” please do not talk about death , think about me , how I must have felt when I heard from Ajay about your & his relations . Still I am surviving with this internal wound “. Sheetal said , ” You are a very tolerant woman , I wish I was like you “. Preeti , ” every incident in life teaches you a new lesson…..you are still not too late , you can start your life once again “. Sheetal , ” I wish your words come true but dear I am not lucky like you because I have spoiled my life with my own hands ” . Preeti with sympathy asked her how ?.

Before Sheetal could say a word, Sheetal’s mother came into the room. Sheetal introduced Preeti to her mother as Ajay’s wife . Sheetal’s mother , ” Oh….nice to see you . I have met Ajay many times but unfortunately I am meeting you in this bad situation where I cannot even offer you a cup of tea “. Preeti , ” No problem Aunty I will surely come to your house on some day ” . Sheetal’s mother , ” Sorry for disturbing you but I was helpless as I needed the money . You see since Sheetal’s father had expired ….Sheetal is the only earning member in our family . We do not have any bank balance , what ever she earns is used up to fulfill petty needs of our life. Preeti , ” Aunty do not worry , Ajay will be coming soon with some money ” . She than thanked Preeti & than asked her to sit with Sheetal for some more time as she has to leave for some hospital work urgently. Preeti & Sheetal were left alone.

Sheetal called Preeti & said , ” please listen to me before my mother comes back .Today God has given me the opportunity to open my heart to you. I have hidden lot of things in my heart which have stolen sleep from eyes “. Preeti became nervous. Sheetal , ” today I am in this condition because of my friend Rasheed . Yesterday night when I was going to my house , I met Rasheed on the railway station. He along with his friends dragged me & than hit me ” . Preeti , ” Oh….my God , how heartless is Rasheed “. Sheetal , ” No he was a nice person by only made him heartless & I got my punishment yesterday night for being bad with Rasheed “.

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