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” Well some 2 years ago I & Rasheed used to work together in an advertising company , I was in love with Rasheed but Rasheed used to love Rahana . One day I proposed him but he refused me .So in anger I defamed him in the office by saying that Rasheed tried to rape me . Rasheed was removed from the job & was humiliated.
Since he was jobless & was also tagged characterless , Rehana’s parents got her married to some other person . I too left that job . Therefore when he saw me yesterday on the railway station Rasheed & his friends had beaten me ” .Preeti , ” Oh….my God ” . Sheetal , ” I deserve that but please do not tell my mother about it because I told her that I fell from the local train because of low BP “. Preeti , ” I assure you that I will never tell this fact either to your mummy or to Ajay because I do not want to develop bitterness for you in anybodies heart “. Sheetal , ” Thanks…..you made my heart light …..you are a true jewel & I too promise you that I will never come back in your & Ajay’s life . Once I will recover , I will go back to my home town “. Preeti, ” first recover ….for me your heath is more important “. Sheetal , ” how selfish I am , I did not ask you whether you had a proper breakfast “.

Preeti , ” Oh….I have to make an urgent phone call ……I will be back soon till than you relax.”. Preeti went out & from PCO called up Ajay . Ajay , ” where were you Preeti , I was waiting for your call . Are you ok ? Is the situation under control ? ” . Preeti , ” I am fine , Sheetal due to low BP fell from the local train on the platform & you come with money “. Ajay ,” I will be there in half an hour “. Preeti than back & saw Sheetal’s mummy in the room . Both of them started conversing & Sheetal kept listening to their conversation….she was smiling & felt much better as she has shared some of her life’s bitter facts with a trustworthy person . Ajay came along with Ayush . Sheetal’s mummy & Ajay went on the hospital reception to deposit the money .She than thanked him & said that when ever he is free he can come & visit Sheetal . Ajay said , ” today I have some urgent work so I have to leave ….I will come on some other day to visit Sheeetal ” . Ajay went along with Ayush & Preeti .

Preeti was feeling slightly better & she slept peacefully that day in night .Till Sheetal was in hospital Preeti used to visit her ….she used to carry along with her fruits & flowers ….Sheetal also used to wait for Preeti….both of them used to crack jokes, Preeti used to cut fruits for Sheetal & forced her to eat …..By now Preeeti has forgotten that Sheetal was her husband’s girlfriend …now Sheetal was her close friend . Sheetal on the discharge day was wondering how her last 15 days have passed so fast ……? Ajay & Preeti cam together on the discharge day …..Sheetal treated Ajay as her best friend’s husband & not as her boyfriend. Sheetal with a smile on her face took Preeti’s right hand in her hand & than kissed her hand , ” Preeti you are my ideal , my best friend & my mentor . I have no grievances in my life now for any one “. Sheetal than give Preeti’s hand in Ajay’s hand & said ” the jewel is yours for ever ” . Preeti was in tears but she wiped her tears & said , ” all the best to you & may all your dreams come true “. Ajay too without any hatred wished her all the best . When Sheetal’s mummy came into the room after completing all the discharge formalities . All four of them , Sheetal’s mummy , Sheetal , Preeti & Ajay all came out together from the hospital …Ajay , Preeti took a cab & Sheetal & her mother took another cab . Both cab’s went in opposite direction . In the taxi Ajay , ” It is now my turn …& I will become a good husband & father but Preeti …..you are really a TRUE JEWEL ”

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