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We all play pranks on other people either for fun or under peer pressure or some times to harass some one or in innocence but not with the intention to hurt some one. However at times pranks become deadly & it becomes an offense.

In recent past one of my cousin’s eye lid was wounded because of a prank played by his younger brother.My 16 year old cousin Vaibhav has a passion for bathing soaps . He used to change his bathing soap daily. He loves soaps with good fragrance & so he uses the soap once or twice & than he used to keep the soap on the wash basin for cleaning hands. Vaibhav never used to allow Vinay his younger brother to bath with his new soap first , he did not allow him even to touch the new soap . Vaibhav as usual bought a new soap & he kept that soap as it is in his cupboard.he did not took bath with it for some days. Vinay just for fun took a iron pin which did not had head & inserted that pin in Vaibhav’s new soap. Vinay wrapped the soap & kept it back in Vaibhav’s cupboard. Unfortunately Vaibhav the following day took that soap out of his cupboard & remove the wrapper of the soap & took it for bath.He started bathing with the soap & made lot of lather with the soap . Vaibhav was enjoying his bath but when he rubbed the soap on his face , the pointed iron pin pricked Vaibhav’s eyelid. His eyelid started bleeding . Vaibhav screamed loudly. He immediately washed his face with water & when he opened his eyes he saw the pointed edge of the pin in the soap. His eyelid was still bleeding . Vaibhav came running out of wash room & started crying. His mother took him to doctor for the Tetanus injection. When Vaibhav came back , Vinay too had come back from school . My aunty ( Vaibhav’s mother ) told how Vinay got hurt from the bathing soap. Looking at Vaibhav’s eye , Vinay felt sorry. He busted into tears & apologize for his mischief.He honestly told that he has inserted the pin in the soap of Vaibhav. My aunty scolded Vinay & told him that if Vaibhav eyes were open while rubbing the soap on his face than Vaibhav might have lost his eye.

In another case, my friend Raksha thought to play a prank on his old maternal aunt.When her aunt was sleeping on the bed , she quietly placed a plastic , artificial lizard on the bed. When her aunty woke up , no sooner she saw the lizard on the bed , she screamed & jumped from the bed & as she tried to escape she lost her balance as the foot mat slipped . The poor old lady fell on the floor & broke her right hand wrist bone. Thus do not play prank without thinking , for you it might be a fun but for other it can be deadly. Also before playing a prank think how will you react if some body else will play a same prank on you ?

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