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some thing about dreams

Every one has dreams, but what are dreams? are they just the outcome of what you do in your day-life?
or is there some thing hidden from your eyes?let us classify dreams in to different categories, some dreams are the out come of your exersion of your work, your close attachment to a person, of some thing which you want desperately in your life, and you are running after it, right? yes but some dreams do tell you about your past which you dont remember , you remember it but you dont have it in your RAM, i mean the section of memory of your brain which is volatile, in which data stays for some times and wipes off as you move on to some other stuff.looking back in to your life is very interestng and always a curious thing, isn’t it?how good will it be when whole of your life right from your birth is shown to you on DVD. for me it will be exciting and fascinating, i will surely mend my ways which gave a me a wrong persona, i will learn from all my past mistakes and be a good person as best i can.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Dreams are basically the activation of the sub-conscious layer in the mind. The inputs during the state of consciousness are analysed and classified for current usage and the remaining transferred to the sub-conscious layer.


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