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from cricket to crockers

another set of evolution in cricket is going to take place soon the next year when we will underarm world cup cricket.yes not kidding , after 20 20 bowl out, this is turn of this form cricket which some people claimed to be “crocker ” ,will be sponsered with India one of the largest deo giant Rexona.hehe i guess Rexona wants to spare umpires with stinky armpits of regular bowlers probably.As the name suggests in this bowler will throw the ball from 22 yards in underarm action unlike the full circumduction needed in regular international cricket

The ICC will temporarily alter the rules for the duration of the tournament, so that the matches would count as official ODIs, and everyone would make lots of money.Apart from the major cricket playing nations, the ICC also plans to include teams from cricketing minnows such as Togo, The Solomon Islands, Mexico, Tajikistan and even from countries such as Synfravia and The United Republic of Firosco, which do not actually exist.

In Chennai, a few men have filed a suit in the High Court, claiming that the tournament organisers had stolen the idea from an obscure game they called “crocker”. When asked to wait outside the courtroom for a few minutes, they screamed “No waits in crocker!” in unison, before frantically running off sideways.

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