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how to excel in affliate programmes

yes with growing trend of people becoming involved in this click and paid programmes which looks small at the begining but one can make a lot if he is really serious about it.. i have seen my friends earning a lot.. iyes i mean a lot through this programmes doing nothin after 2-3 months of hard work to earn referrrals downline. so here are some of the tricks to get your downline easily .

1 Let your friends know.

If you found a way to make money with a certain program and you believe in it, you should by all means tell your friends and family. After all, what benefits you may benefit them.

2 Join forums and post about a program you are involved with

Post in forums about your success and inspire others to join. You can use your signature to place your program referral links or link back to your website.

3 Use job websites.

You can post your invitation to join your program on free job websites such as www.jobvertise.com

4 Distribute flyers.

There are several ways to distribute flyers around:

Information boards on college campuses

5 Get a website.

You have additional flexibility and more options to create income on the internet if you own your website.

6 Include your link in the email.

It is a good idea to include your referral link in your signature while responding to an email. In this case you already have someone who is interested to read your email and your link gets that extra free advertisement.

7 Obtain your own mailing list.

You can join one or create your own newsletter. Having a list of people that might be interested in what you are promoting can turn out to be a powerful tool. Create a lead sales webpage and advertise the site you are promoting to that list.

8 Write some articles.

There are many FREE article directories that are popular with search engines. Some websites are willing pay for a good article. You can include your referral links if it is allowed.

9 Write some product/program reviews.

Writing a product or a program review has a lot in common with writing an article, but is more focused on the program or a product describing its benefits in detail.

10 Create a press release.

To effectively utilize this method your affiliate or referral program must be newsworthy. There are websites that offer assistance and resources on how to write a press release. Again, you can find many websites specializing in offering FREE press releases to anyone.

11 Create an e-book.

You can write your own e-book or give away free reports on how to make money online with links leading to the site/program you are promoting. You can even sell your e-book for a small fee.

12 Create your own videos.

It can be a great way to get referrals, although hosting video files can eat up bandwidth on your site very quick. So, use this tool wisely!

13 join good sites which are reliable with lots of ads

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