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Amway meance has finally catched india after corrupting the west.Indians are known to follow western traditions for long (only the bad ones, infact the worst) .
i feel Amway buisiness is all about brainwashing people .. and believe me they are better than osama mens and alquaida in doing it.unfortunately i too am victim of their grandiose talks and showing high dreams.but i am happpy to back to compos mentis(right sense of wellbeing) just after 1 month of joining and am ready to quit.
i found this buisiness to be best way to blow your money to ashes and get large number people with oppsite magnetic pole.
this is the easiest way to annoy people and make yourself repulsive.the verbal and mental terror create to join and to attend meeting and reading books and cassetes which are almost 10 times their original price is pathetic.by the end of 6 months you will get a cheque of 1000 rs which one can earn just by begging for 1 hr(may be more than it).this 1000 rs is the reward for creating mental and psychological pressure one create among general public to join under you.
at alst i request personally people not to entertain this kind of marketing people and ruin yourself.this is terror to your mental piece and can cause amway psychosis

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2 Responses

  1. MOKSHA says:

    Yes it is brai washing…….& I have seen that peeple buy products in obligation just to please the other person . Amway business is better if womne does it

  2. jmalhotra says:


    its a useless business network that I have ever come across …

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