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Some times names of people create lot of problems for us & even for the person who has that name. Names create problems because of their pronounciation , spelling & sometimes because of the gender . Yes by gender I mean that there are names which are unisexual . Both men & women can have that name. So I decided to prepare a list of Hindi names which are unisexual in nature. Here are some names which I can remember

There are many more names & you too can add in my list od Unuisexual names. Thses names create confusion when we do not know a person by face & also we do not know that the person is He or She . Also at times it is not appropriate to ask some other person that the person with the Unisexual name is he or she .

The confusion is more with Doctors because it is not normally spoken as Dr. Miss Kiran or Dr. Mr. Kiran . Generally it is spoken as Dr. Kiran . Now the pateint does not know that the Doctor is He or She .In this conteaxt I remembered an incident . One very conservative couple visted our hospital few years back . The couple was planning for baby & so the couple had come to take an appointment of a female gynecologist . Now they saw from the notice board of Gynecologist Dr. Shakti Kapoor . The couple took the apointment thinking that the Doctor was a female .The couple fixed the apointment & also paid the fees on the counter & they also did not bother to ask the receptionist that the Doctor is male or female because they thought that Dr. Shakti is female.
When this incident happened bollywood star Shakti Kapoor was in focus because of casting couch controversy. Dr. Shakti asked his assistant to send in the next patient inside , the couple went inside & when they saw Dr. Shakti the husband started grumbling . The couple without even talking to the Doctor went away from the Doctor’s visting room & approached the Receptionist . The couple asked the receptionist to return his money because he did not allow the Doctor to check his wife . The Receptionist refused to return the money . The couple than started shouting & blaming the Receptionist for not telling them that Dr Shakti is male . Receptionist too shouted saying that they should have asked her for that & it is not her duty to tell them that Dr. is He or She.

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3 Responses

  1. nazeer says:

    hello Sir i have read the name but can u tell me from where this name comes who made the name this all name are god gift so how can u say the name is not good ….if aperson is good then the name is also be good .see sonu is the of one actor sonu nigam i thing u no where ill him ……..so friend when ever what ever u say please be care full …………..do not say like this ………i have lot example but u have to decide ur self only

  2. Cindy says:

    Nice research, i will also come with a name, let me think hmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. mysteriousdoc says:

    My dear freind I think you have not read the post properly , I did not say that names are bad . I said that there are some names which males & females both can have as their own name & so it creates confusion. Please tell me where I wrote a name is bad.

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