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Truth of India

” In the second test on sydey, India got more problems due to bad umpiring and also wrost behaving of Austrailan Team. And then they had comment on Harbajan Singh for racism by Symonds. And also Bhajji banned for 3 test matches. But Fighting of BCCI and Indian team for Bhajji and got result now. Now the ICC declares no ban on Harbajan and new Umpire will come for test match in Perth. Now Indians Have won the Sydney test Against Austraila. Now it will get fine. Really India has to level the series. After finishing the test match against Austraila then we have a Twenty 20 match, it will create more fun ofcousre it will be dificult match. Then more interesting matches are there. Totally 15 ODIs are there. India, Srilanka and Austraila are participating for these ODIs. It will create more sensation. You watch it and enjoy it.

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6 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    The ICC has not cleared Bajji of the ban decision. They have only temporarily suspended the ban order and have allowed him to play the 3rd test at Perth. This is because the BCCI has filled an appeal to the Appeals Commissioner of the ICC against the ban order. Since the process may not be completed in time before the 3rd test commences, they have only allowed him to play the 3rd test. The sword is still hanging on Harbajjan and the decision of the appeals commissioner as and when it comes will be binding and it could go either way.


  2. Service_to_all says:

    Wrong umpiring decisions may or may not have altered and that India could have been in a better position is only hypothetical.

    Consider for a moment, what would have happened if in those situations catches had been dropped.?


  3. nazeer says:

    I am not happy with Icc decision every time the icc i have wrong decision i will explain u one by one ……….
    1) mohmmed kafi he is good player right now where is he.
    2) balaji good bowler where is he
    3) ajit agarkar good bowler where is he
    4) prthivi patel good wiket keeper
    5) rohan gavaskar
    6)shewagh good batsmen………this is the good player why there are not playing what is icc giving decision.

  4. nazeer says:

    The senors player must take some action against wrong decision other wise there well be nothing well happend.
    old player must come front and asked icci what there are doing……..

  5. Service_to_all says:

    All the people you have mentioned are Indians, who have been not selected. It is not the ICC which selects the Indian but selection panel appointed by the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket of India) and all the selectors are Indians who have played cricket at some point in time.


  6. Service_to_all says:

    You are confusing yourself between ICC (International Cricket Council) and BCCI (Board of Control of Cricket of India). It is the BCCI which is responsible for the selection of the INdian team and ICC does have no say in the selection.


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