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basically any languages is a system of communication. it composed of certain characters and grammar/syntax or usage rules,that permit one to use for communication.
Communication with Machines
there are certain operational procedures which allow 1 to communicate with dufferent machines, take the example of an electric fan it has got two phases startup and control. Switching it on starts the fan where as aregulator can be used to control the speed thus you can communicate with the machine by means of the switch regulator most devices offer amethod of communication.
with a computer communication is even better the user can enter commands in language which computer understand. Obviously it is essential that the user should also be familar with language that the computer understands, let us study about the languages that a computer can understand.
as yet computer can not understand any of our human languages they can only sense electronic pulses.
example whther the pulse is OFF or On denoted as 0or 1 respectively.

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