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the human skeleton

The bones are responsible for the mobility of our body and its stature they proviode the necessry support to our body as well as forming a cage of protection to protect our delicate and vital organs.
there are more then 200 bones in adult person the basic structure of the human body takes its shape owing to the frame fromed by these bones it supports the muscle and flesh the skeleton accounts for the one – fifth weight of our total body weight bones madeup of calcium and phosphorous are the hardest object in the human body which are joined together these joints allow the body movements within certain limits and directions there is a kind of lubricant secretion and system of a soft pads of cartilages to facilitate easy movement.

vertebral column consisting of 33 vertebrae is the most important part of the skeleton the first seven vetebrae are called cervical because they are situated in the neck the next 12 are known as dorsal then comes five lumber bones below these are five sacum bones and the last is known as coccyx formed by four vertebrae these fit in such a way as to form a continuous chain. in between them are soft bony cushions or cartilages to help the smooth and easy movement strong fibrous lingament bind these 36 pieces together through the hollow of the vertebare column passes the spinal column because of the spinal cord it is also called the spinal column provides the whole body easy forward backward and sideways movements.

the box like skull shielding he brain is fixed like a crown over the spine the bones of the upper and lower limbs are connected to the trunk at the shoulder and at the pelvis the upper limbs consists of arms forearms and hands the lower limbs have the thighs legs,and feet.

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