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the yoga exercises or aasanas

ter term YOGA is derived from the sanskrit root yuj Which means to unite join or be in communiion according to the yoga authrites it provides the link which unites the individual soul with the universal soul or God. in physical term the more plausible explanation of the term is the communion between the mind and body.
Example: Total cohesion between your thinking and action. Obviously one does these exercises with more concentration and hence achieve better results.

Sarvang means all the limbs of the body it is so named because by this pose all the limbs of the body derive benefit. this aasan is especially very effective to add to the doers height because it activates thyroid and parathyroid glands situated in the neck.

1) Lie flat on flat surface covered by a thick cloth or blanket on your back with legs stretched straight. keep the hands along the legs and palms facing the floor.
2)Taking deep breaths raise both the legs simultaneously at right angles to the body.keep the knees tight and legs steady. now raise the hips and your back by pressing the floor with both the palms and rise the whole body off the floor except the neck and head.
3) Bend the elbows and support the back with the palms and backarms.
4) Raise the body further up with the help of palms and arms until your trunk and legs are perpendicular to the ground. allow the chin to press against the breast to form the jalandhar band. the chin lock.

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