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What Happens If GOD borns again in this Kalyuga

If GOD borns again…………

HE is satisfying ,giving boons to everybody who comes to HIS shelter asusual from the beginnning of this entire Universe.

In this Kalyuga As an idol we can see HIM in any temple,church,Masjid….., But his existence is missing physically.

If we start a day say by reading the newspaper/watching a channel in telivision then
everywhere Killings,Assassinations,Murders,Brutal gang rapes that to small children..

Even though we are having Police,Court to avoid it,to give justice to the victims,to give punishment to the culprits, but it’s not at all reaching to some 10% out of 100% level.

If GOD borns again……………
Would HE be killing the bad people by the swords as in Dwapara Yuga ?
Would HE be kiilling the bad people with the AK-47 ‘s, rifle’s as now a day’s fashion?
Would HE be killing by his VIshnu Chakra ????


If GOD kills the man’s Selfishness, ego, greediness

and gives the boon of good qualities like Passion,Kindness,Mercy,goodness,..etc

among all the people of the entire universe then

HE doesn’t have to kill as he did in earlier yuga’s.

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    God wil control them all and will make this world a better place…need it badly now…as KALYUG IS TAKING LIFE OF SO MANY INNOCENTS for no reason

  2. nishunishaa says:

    we want satyug…hi pls share ur vews…in my new posts..thanks and bye

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