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Be aware from Ringworm on Dogs

Be aware from Ringworm on Dogs

Ringworm is one type skin disease. Dermatophytosis is the scientific name of this disease. The meaning of Dermatophytosis is ‘plants that live on the skin”. This disease was caused by fungus. There are three specific fungi for this disease. There are Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Even cats also suffered by Ringworm. Mainly Microsporum canis is affected to cats and Microsporum canis is affected to dogs. Even humans also suffered by this disease.


There is a hair loss on the skin. At first small patches or lesions are occurred on the skin and the lesions are spread to other part of the skin. Later on the patches may disappear and appear to other part of the skin. Hair loss should be applied on the part of the skin.

What does Ringworm on Dogs look like?

Usually round hairless lesion is the symptom of Ringworm. It was started in Ring shape lesion. Later on the shape and size has been enlarged and irregular. These types of diseases are commonly found on ears, faces, paws and tail. Then the skin becomes to inflamed and reddened.

How spread Ringworm on Dogs?

Transmission may be happen by direct or indirect contact with other infected dogs or any persons. This may be passed from cats to dogs and visa versa and humans to pets and from pets to humans.

The fungal spores may be live a long time in our environment and it may be found in bedding, carpets or any grooming equipments can infect our dog when it comes to contact them.

Can Ringworm disease spread from dogs to humans?

Yes, Absolutely. You will get the disease when you touch infected animal or pets. You can get Ringworm from goats, cows, horses and pigs also. Be aware on this disease before you suffered.

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