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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys:

The Dallas Cowboys is one of the American Foot Ball team which is participated into National Football League (NFL). Dallas Cowboys team is based on the Dallas area which is in the North Texas State in United States of America (USA). In 1960, these Dallas Cowboys team was joined with National Football League (NFL). The NFL history says, “Since 1960, Dallas Cowboys is the most successful team”. First of all this team had the name called as the Dallas Steers, then it was changed to the Dallas Rangers. Finally, the team settles down as the name called Dallas Cowboys.

In 17th September 1961 Dallas Cowboys team got a first victory, a 27-24 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. During the 1960s, the Dallas Cowboys continued to improve their team with effectively. They are maintained their good will. The Cowboys were becoming an important part of the people of Dallas. The first president — general manager of the Dallas Cowboys was Tex Schramm. In 1960 — 1989 his leadership the Dallas Cowboys had 20 straight winning seasons. Tex Schramm was one of the most important person to built the Dallas Cowboys team. In 1975 Randy White was the Dallas Cowboys No.1 draft pick and got the Lombardi Award from Maryland.

Notable important moments of Dallas Cowboys:

In 31st December 1967, the NFC Championship Game “The Ice Bowl” Vs. Green Bay Packers. Green Bay wins on a late fourth quarter to defeat the Dallas Cowboys, 21-17 in cold conditions. The game — time temperature was 13â—¦ F with a wind chill. The playing surface hard as a rock and nearly as smooth as ice, hence the nickname, “The Ice Bowl”.

In 3rd January 1983, at Minnesota Vikings, the Dallas Cowboys running back from scrimmage with a 99-yard touchdown. The Vikings won the game as 31-27. Oddly, the Dallas Cowboys only had ten players on the field at the time.

In 2nd January 1994, at New York Giants, running back Emmit Smith rushed for 168 yards, including 41 winning game. The Dallas Cowboys won the game as 16-13. The coach Hall of Fame and sports broadcaster John Madden would visit Emmit Smith in the Dallas Cowboys locker room. This is only time John Madden ever visited a player as a commentator.

Dallas Cowboys Notable First:

* The Dallas Cowboys team had been first in the record books, a few of which include
* In just four years to win 3 Super Bowls.
* The first and only National Football League (NFL) team to play in 8 Super Bowls.
* The first and only National Football League (NFL) team to have 24 winning seasons.
* The first and only National Football League (NFL) team to earn 27 post season appearances.
* In 1991, the first National Football League (NFL) leading rusher is Emmit Smith and leading receiver M. Irvin both are from Dallas Cowboys team.

2007 Season:

In 2007 season, the Dallas Cowboys are played in Texas Stadium from Wednesday, 29th August. In this season, the Dallas Cowboys team released two players; tight end Ryan Hannam and quarterback Drew Bledsoe. The Dallas Cowboys signed offensive for quarterback Brad Johnson and lineman Leonard Davis.

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