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Ethiopia is the smallest country in Horn of Africa. It is second most popular and oldest nation in Africa. Archeologists found the oldest human ancestors in Ethiopia. In the 7th century the Asia’s Hamitic peoples are migrated to Ethiopia. Mussolini was won the Battle of Adwa in 1935 against Ethiopia. Hence, 1935 to 1941 Ethiopia was ruled by Italy.

Ethiopia is the 27th largest country around the world. Ethiopia is located in west side as Sudan, east side as Somalia, south side as Kenya and northeast as Eritrea. Ras Dashan is the highest mountain in Ethiopia which as 15,158 ft height. The Abbai or Blue Nile rises in northwest of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has extreme contrast lands. The land of Ethiopia is wild place with cunning forest. These forests are very dangerous. In African continent most of the stunning places are found here. Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia. The Rift Valley is the famous region of volcanic lake which is placed in Ethiopia. This lake has most famous peculiar birds, stunning vistas and great escarpments. Nile Falls is the greatest natural spectacles in Ethiopia. Most of the tourists are interested to visit Ethiopia on the time of Timket religion festival.

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