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Fuengirola, Malaga

Fuengirola, Malaga
Fuengorila is quite a large town located on the Costa del Sol in south of Spain. It is a major tourist resort and holiday destination for many throughout the world. Fuengorila stretches along 8 kilometers of luscious beaches that attract many visitors here every year. It also contains high rises or high blocks or flats along its coastline, which also makes it a perfect lodging or settlement option for many. Fuengorila also enjoys subtropical type Mediterranean weather with an almost perfect temperature of 18″C throughout the year. So, visitors are frequent in Fuengorila also to experience the mild weather conditions not available to them in their respective hometowns.
Fuengorila owes its origins to the Phoenician, Arab and the Romans. The foothills of mountain ranges on the south behind the town are sites of Arab castle, which has remains of early settlement by both Romans & Phoenicians. The favorable coastal location of Fuengorila has attracted settlers through the early history as well. The Phoenicians were founders of Suel & also arrived there with the intention of commercializing the place. But under the Romans, Suel acquired great relevance and got the status of a federal state of Rome. They got the permission to maintain a law code of their own & follow it. From the 18th century onwards, Fuengorila really progressed as an important town of spain & acted as supply center to many boats going to the various straits across the coastline. Thus the town gained much importance and changed its name to Fuengorila.
Site Seeing:
Fuengorila offers all the modern luxury that a tourist may want. From luxurious hotels to beautiful beaches that people crave for, Fuengorila is an ideal tourist locale for all. Some main places of interest are as follows:
– Sohail Castle
– Harbor
– Plaza de Toros (Bullring)
– Zoologico de Fuengorila (The Zoo)
– Parish church

Especially after the 60’s, the tourism industry has taken a huge leap as it has increased and improved its facilities, amenities for the travelers and with the type of smooth, ideal conditions it possesses for a holiday destination, the match is perfect. The most representative monuments of the town are the Parish Church, which is situated on the constitution square. It also surprisingly has restored the original historical architectural design & it also has a huge tower standing out in the middle. The fast development of the town is mainly due to the initiation taken by many settlers who came here and hence it has become home to many interesting places like the Oceanographic Investigation center, nautical club, fishing port etc. Fuengorila has become one of the largest tourism spots in whole of Spain. But the most prominent part of the town is the western region, which is host to various pubs, restaurants, Shopping malls etc. The town is mostly urban in character and thus offers you all the amenities of the normal cosmopolitan life. It has many high rise of flats and also low-rise villas which depict the history and culture of the place. Still, constructions are underway for some big shopping malls, housing areas, retail parks to be constructed.

Fuengorila has many new developing nightclubs, discos, nautical clubs, etc. to keep you awake throughout the night. It also has descent and nice, swanky restaurants if you want to have a quiet, elegant dinner with someone or your family. You will find a lot of restaurant along Fuengorila owing to its history as a great fishing town, so the food available will always be good, especially the Sea food. So, fast food restaurants, bars, café’s are of plenty. But when it comes to night, it’s equally enjoying as well.
The gastronomical offers of Fuengorila are great as it treats you with poplular dishes and cooking based on fish that is caught on its coast and thus offers you a range of sea food like fries, sardine kebabs, oven baked fish, shellfish etc. So, it’s a town not only with scenic beauty, but also a place for the foodies.
Fuengorila is one of the most outstanding places of handcraft you will find anywhere in the province. Its also is home to some great workshops like pottery, saddelry, jewellery, leather goods, electronic equipments etc. Fuengorila is also a fast growing commercial town in Spain, with different manufacturing labels and industries settling there owing to the tourist attraction & potential.
So, finally it can be said that Fuengorila is a lovely holiday destination for anyone, whether you are coming with your family or friends. It’s a perfect location with great weather, luscious beaches and great food. A tourist cannot ask for anything more. It also offers you all the modern facilities and luxuries of the urban life. So, think about coming here, you will not regret it!

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