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Home Remedies for Ringworm in Cats

Home Remedies for Ringworm in Cats

Are you heard about Ringworm disease? This is one most affected skin disease for human and pets. Everyone needs to maintain their skin in a good way even humans and animals also. Skin is providing good appearance to others. Most of them think, this disease caused by warm. But really this disease is not caused by warm. This disease was caused due to some several fungi like Microsporum gypseum, Microsporum canis and Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Mostly Microsporum canis is caused for ringworm infections to cats.

How do cat get this disease?

Ringworm in cats is transmitted through some infected healthy animal or pets. The environment where the infected animals visited, the fungi are mixed with the air. If the cat went to same surrounding environment also one major cause to get this disease. Fortunately, the healthy adult cats have the resistance from ringworm. Young cats are mostly infected from Ringworm.

Symptoms of Ringworm in Cats:

Having lesions in a ring shape in their skin with dry and hairless is the major symptom of this disease. Some of the common symptoms are broken hairs, rough skin, hair loss especially on paws and head. It looks itchy and inflamed with broken hairs around the skin.

If your cat suffered by Ringworm, you may consult with veterinarian. He may give proper advice, tablets and ointments of this disease. You can feed the tablets with meals and ointment can spread into the cat’s fur. Almost six weeks takes to recover from this disease.

Precaution is the very good idea to avoid from Ringworm. Always keep kids away from the infected cat and adults should wear gloves. Even humans and some animals like cows, dogs, pigs, horse and etc also suffered from Ringworm. So, be aware on this ringworm disease and get safe your skin.

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