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How to apply for a credit card

How to apply for a credit card

A credit card is used to give payment to the user of the system. It is differ from debit card and charge card. This is a loan card; you can get credit from the bank and pay the amount afterwards as per your connivance. You no need to carry the money always whenever you plan to purchase a product. Most of the banks and credit card companies are offering credit card as per your income proof. Depending on your income proof and bank statement the credit limit should be determine. There are various type of credit cards are available in the market like Visa card, Master Card, American Express, Gold card and etc.,

Apply online:

All the banks and credit card companies are having their own web site. There is an option to apply new credit card in their web site. You just give your personal details and your bank account details in the form. The credit card company representatives will keep in touch with you and collect what are details they required.

Walk in to bank:

If you really want a credit card, then you should walk in to bank and ask how to apply a credit card. The bank respective person will explain all the details about the credit card, what are documents you have to submit, How much the credit limit, How long it should be take, What are offers the bank as given and explain the different types of credit card. You should select the card type and apply to the bank.

Tele callers:

At present, tele callers make more credit card sales. The bank or credit card companies have the data base. Most of the person will get a call from the bank or credit card companies. When ever you got a call from the bank, that you should express your interest in credit card, then they will approach you and explain about the credit card details. If you are interested, then apply them.

Credit card process:

Once you apply the credit card, then the bank or Credit Card Company will verify your documents. The bank will check whether you have the eligible to hold the credit card or not. They will decide the card type and credit limit according to your monthly income proof and bank statement. Then they send a credit card to your postal address.

Usage of credit card:

The usage of credit card in various places even in small shops also. The credit card company will offering to pay the amount within 52 days of your credit without interest. The duration will be differing from one company to another.

How to pay the credit amount:

You can able to pay your credit amount through online. The bank website has an option to pay the amount through your iconnect option. The bank peoples also touch with you and collect their amount. You can pay whether cash or check. There are no any service charges for their process. Most of the credit card companies are giving life time free service card. So, you should use the credit card properly and maintain your credit limit.

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