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Stamp collecting

Stamp collecting:
Stamp collecting is one the fun hobby. This is not only for kid’s even teenagers adults also having this hobby. This is one of the world’s famous and oldest forms of collecting. Through this stamp collection activity, we learn about the world famous people or events, flags and other country information. We can also understand the works of art, colorful designs and painting. Each and every stamp could be explain at least any one event or history. In 1840, Britain was issued the first postal stamp. This stamp contain the pictured a young Queen Victoria.
The study of postage stamps is called Philately. Greek is the origin of Philately. The postal authorities are issued the stamps according to their national rules and regulations. No special equipment is needed for stamp collection. But, the way of presentation is more essential. So we used some of the equipment for stamp collection. Mostly Archival stock book, Stamp album, Stamp catalogue, Stamp hinges, Magnifying glass, Perforation gauge, Stamp tongs and Desk blotter are used.
Basics of Stamp Collecting:
This basic of stamp collecting is helpful for the beginners and it will be giving the instructions in step by step manner. Stamp collecting is easy when you feel it as a hobby. You can think to spend more money for this wonderful bobby, but no need to spend. You can acquire the stamp for freely from various sources.
Getting Started:
This is the first step to collecting the stamp. If you don’t have a single stamp at all, you should learn about the stamp. It should be motivated and interested to collecting the stamp from various sources which is capable for you.
Sorting Stamps:
Assume you have some different kinds of country stamps in your paper. You should arrange the stamps in the country wise. For this, sorting stamps are most useful to find out a particular stamp on the paper is easy and do the search in correct way. It is more useful for your future collection.
Stock book or Album:
After collecting and sorting the stamps, you have to organize for display in an effective manner. You can keep them in a stock book or album and specify the name of the stamp very clearly and neatly.
Album Selection:
Stamps should be affixed to an album. The price of the album is varying from place to place. First you decide on what kind of stamp album you afford. Check the internet sites and select your choice among your budget. You do your own shopping and purchase the album. You never get all the stamps of a country without buying them. It is most expensive. Hence, you should spend more money to pursue your hobby.
Affixing Stamps to Album:
Now you have Stamps and Album in your hand. According to the sorting order you should arrange the stamps in the album and paste by using adhesive tapes and scotch tape. The album is most essential to presentation the stamps in a correct path.
Damaged Stamps:
No one collect the damaged stamps while purchasing. But after some time, the stamps might become too damaged. So you should throw the stamp and replace another one. Many Stamp collectors keep such damaged stamps if they have only copy.

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