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Autobiography on myself

I am a girl,
With no curls,
Hair is straight,
And very less is my weight.

I am simple,
With no dimple,
Have some pimple,
And like to meet new people.

I have right to make friends,
So that in our relation there are no ends,
Go through common trends,
With good and worth watch trends.

I love to watch nature,
Sometimes I am mature,
Like to nurture,
Sit and walk in good posture.

I am someone who wants respect,
Since childhood I have specs.
I am someone who has some goal,
Have a very important role.

I have anger,
And cannot see people dying in hunger.

I am short tempered,
And was not always pampered.

I am someone who teaches,
And clears her face and home with bleaches,
Likes to walk around on beaches,
And cares for all the leaches.

I like to raise voice against things which are wrong,
Cause I know I am not weak, I am strong.

I try to do things which are right,
The meaning of my name is night.

I am a professor,
Also in each and every field I am a competitor,
Got best students of the year with honor,
Who has good thoughts and humor.

I am someone who likes to see,
Through High Level Language programming C.

I know both binary and simple numbers zero to nine,
And understand the language Compulish which is fine,
Hates to drink wine,
And around me all are mine.

I am nice,
I hate lies,
I love spice,
But I am not a cat to run after the mice.

I hate theft,
Serial I like is left right left.

I like cartoon’s called Digimon,
But digixr is the password for everyone.

My zodiac sign is Aries,
I respect all ladies,
Who are expecting babies?
And I love all puppies.

I love my niece,
Whom I always give a kiss.
She gives back a smile,
Which works all the while.

I was never late,
The year I was born was seventy eight.

To Shirdi I make a trip,
I always take mausambi sip.

I always drink tea,
Cause I hate coffee.

I like to help the poor,
And I make very sure,
That things I give them is pure,
So that the medicines act as a cure.

To me happiness seems,
A part of my dreams.
Have forgotten to laugh,
Sometimes I get cold and cough.

A friend in need,
I would help them indeed,
I hate having the feeling of greed,
And I always implant gold of seed!

I want to fight terror,
And during my fight plan see to it that are no errors.
So that’s me at art,
Who is big at heart!

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5 Responses

  1. satyaiitk says:

    Hey Nisha !!
    Welcome on the Board , Nicely expressed yourself, keep it up


  2. nishunishaa says:

    why don’t you come on ibibo too..miss u a lot over there

  3. nishunishaa says:

    why don’t you come on ibibo too..miss u a lot over there

  4. bapidebu says:

    hello nisha,
    happy new year,how r u?nice to see you at here.what r u doing now-a-day working with ibibo?how is ur sister and also ur jiju?
    take care.see you.
    Mr.Debasis Pradhan.

  5. omdelhi says:

    Hi Nisha,

    A good poem indeed, Keep it up.

    I think, there are some bugs at eblogs too.


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