Chote Ustaad Fever

It’s good to see a reality game show where children have shown their talents by singing. Now the top two finalists are Aishwarya and Anwesha are showing their talents. 5th April 2008, is the Grand finale where the votes will decide who is the winner. So please vote

Voting id for Answesha is 09. SMS USTAAD 09 to 57827.
Voting id for Aishwarya is 11. SMS USTAAD 11 to 57827.

If I was a judge, I would give both of them SUPER SARTAJ SARWOTAM. If you want to vote online, then please logon to

Please do not forget to see Grand Finale with Bhootnath (Amitab Bachan) on 5th April 2008.

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4 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    Anwesha..she is a very good singer …with melodious and sweet voice….hope that she gets the title of CHOTE USTAAD…and definately looking forward to watch the grand finale with BIG B favourite and is a LIVING LEGEND too…

  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi I like Aishwarya more than Anwesha. I will vote for Aishwarya bcoz she has gifted voice..

    With love Madhu….

  3. nishunishaa says:

    it’s ur wish vamsi i cannot force u…

  4. nishunishaa says:

    it’s ur wish…

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