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Life of Miss Nisha Talreja

“This book is dedicated to Shirdi’s Sai Baba to whom I surrender this book, Evil will go down & God resides everyone’s heart in any form.”

“O Good man! One who acts Good is the “TRUE THINKING”. The TRUE THINKING is Compassion. Compassion is the Tathagata. O Good man! Compassion is the Buddha Nature is long over shadowed by illusion. That is why beings cannot see. The Buddha Nature is Compassion. Compassion is the Tathagata”

– Mahaparinirvana Sutra 259

Life of Miss Nisha Talreja

A girl, who always was quite by nature, knew nothing about the world as kid. Today she is fighting against Evil’s throughout the world & is doing well to everyone, including her students & poor people.

She respects all elderly people & take’s God as her Best Friend & talks to Him whenever, wherever needed. She has talked about Evil’s going down & God coming up.

She has done Diploma in Electronics & Video Engineering, St. Xaviers Technical Institute, Mahim after SSC. Then she did Advanced Computing in Diploma Exports, Boston Computer Institute & then Diploma in Web Designing from Microkon. And now she studying Dot net from NIIT, Bandra Branch.

Now she used to teach in a school where she has got God closer to her. My God, my friends, my family is now closer to me. This is what she has explained in this book. This book is dedicated to Shirdi’s Sai Baba, her Best Friend. Now she is teaching in a college

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  1. satyakam says:

    Nice to know abt u in details Nishu..God loves u and will always help u with his blessings.

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