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Mystery or Problem?

Sandeep was a man of problems. If he said something he created a problem; if he did something there was a problem; if he didn’t, there was yet another problem. The problem with him was that he felt everything was a problem in life and so he worried much. He was advised by all his well wishers to learn to tackle life’s situations and not worry about them. He took the advice seriously and stopped missing out on the fun of life.

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. It is better to be blind and see no problem than to have vision and see one where it is non —existent.

Thoughts for Daily Living — Dominic Mathews

Full form of Problems
Predictors — They help mold our future
Reminders — We are not self sufficient. We need God and others to help
Opportunities — They pull us out of rest and cause us to think creatively.
Blessings — They open up door we usually don’t go through.
Lessons — Each new challenge will be our teacher
Everywhere — No place or person is excluded from them.
Messages — They warn us about potential disaster.
Solvable — No problem is without a solution.

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    This is the mystery of problem for me to select this story as a mystery or problem!!!!!!!

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