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Politics going on in HOF member – IBIBO

Hall of Fame member in ibibo is not doing good job. It’s working politically. Hall of Fame Members are electing their own friends. I was ignored first also and again I am ignored.

I am a good blogger. You all have seen me here blogging. I am upset. They have not nominated me again. I wanted to cry. But instead of crying I though I must write about them over here. What according to you all I must do? Please help me and guide me. How to stop this political game.

Hall of Fame members have to nominate a good and sincere blogger. Blogging in ibibo has gone down because of their political game. I really do not like them. They are partial.

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3 Responses

  1. sajeevss says:

    dear Nasha,

    I have just joined Ibibo a few days back but have not got time to really study the site’s features ……lets me see if your views are correct …will get back

  2. Service_to_all says:


    What is there in Hall of fame.? If you think that you have done a reasonable good blogging, you nominate yourself in the hall of fame of your mind.

    All those are trivial, temporary pleasures. Why do you trouble your mind with such unwanted disturbances. You are only spoiling your creative thought process.

    Concentrate instead on better things in life.


  3. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi Nisha, How are u dear? I am also ignored but I want to ask you one question what will you get if you become a HOF member. my answer is nothing, you will not earn anything out of it. Ibibo wanted to keep bloggers interested in blogging so they have suddenly introduced something for those genuine bloggers. Politics is everywhere we can’t stop it. So do what you like instead of complaining. For suppose Ibibo make you HOF member what will you get????? Think hard.

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