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Unbind Me, Lord

“Keep God as your friend and you’ll never lack anything,” was mother’s advice to Raul when he was seven or eight years old. Whenever Raul forgot this advice he stumbled and fell along life’s journey. But he never failed to secretly desire God’s help. It was always there.

However, some years ago Raul went through a dark period in his life. He was baked in the furnace of bitter experiences, betrayals, setbacks, and the like. Nothing seemed to go right and yet everything did not appear wrong! In the process he developed a peculiar taste for reclusion. He was uncomfortable though. He kept telling himself: “This is not me. I’m no longer a loving, extrovert person. I’m afraid of taking any more risks in life. I’m not sort of dead within.”

In short, Raul had bound himself with fear, self — pity, doubts, failures and negative thoughts, attitudes and feelings. Since he was afraid to confide in people, Raul often visited the village church. He would sit silently looking at the crucifix. It was during one of these visits that he changed to open the Bible and read at random. His eyes fell on the story of Lazarus raised from death. He was moved by what he read:” The dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with bandages and his face wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them, ‘unbind him, and let him go” (Jn 11:44).

Touched by grace, Raul prayed: “Unbind me, God. Please unbind me from all the bandages I have wrapped myself in.” This prayer from the silence of his heart unchained the letters that weighed him down.

God is always at work, changing lives. He unbinds us from the slavery of fear and sin and binds us with love.

Thoughts for Daily Living — Dominic Mathews

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