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Work is worship

Sakaram worked as a peon in an office for over thirty years. He was a office for over thirty years. He was a sincere worker and an honest person, especially with money.

However, Sakaram had many personal problems which brought about his addiction to drinks chewing tobacco. Although he had a negative leave balance and a track record for being drunk on duty sometimes, he was in employment because of his good work. He also enjoyed the favor of many of his colleagues.

Whenever the boss was out of the office, some of the staff would indulge in frivolous talk and fun, but he would work diligently. These staff members would often tease him for his sincerity. He would reply saying that job was a gift from God to him. So he was sincere to God who watched over people at all times.

Therefore, it was necessary for him to be honest in the presence and in the absence of his boss because God was ever present.

Simple people are aware of God’s presence at all times. We can deceive people sometimes, but we cannot deceive God.
Thoughts for Daily Living — Dominic Mathews

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    hi nisha, You are really simple person that is why u have presented such a lovely one….

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