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A Good-Night Rhyme
By Corporate- Cuckoo..!
Morning Blues ..!
Roses Blooms !

Sunshine Splashes !
Lotus ” Hi-His ” !

Wind Blows out..!
Trees dance out !

Melody peers up..!
Magic sours up..!

Kids get up..!
Kitchen dress-up !

Clock rounds-up..!
Command sounds up !

School opens up !
Education claps up !

Hours goes-up ..!
Lunch breaks-up !

Sport follows-up..!
Spirit ends up..!

Pool-car catches up..!
Golmol snatches-up..!

Home-work mounts up..!
Tea-cups count up..!

Evening wraps-up..!
Entertainment pops up.!

Snacks pours-in !
Smiles come-in ..!

TV channels tune in..!
You & Me roll-in ..!

Dinner-time holds up !
Ding & Dong Bell shuts-up !

Bed-roll rounds up..!
Better-dream sounds up..!

Rock-n-Roll starts up..!
Jack & Jill ends up..!

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