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Mysql is a relational databases management system that provide a plate form where user can store his data.this can bee use for any time with the help of ant technology like PHP, java, c ,and c++. actually we are using the MySql database in ours Brihaspati the vartual class room, which running successfully in Indian institute of technology kanpur.Early versions of MySQL lacked many standard relational database management system (RDBMS) features, usually with the goal of trading guaranteed accuracy for speed. Many (but not yet all) such criticisms have been remedied in later versions of the software, including transactions and relational integrity constraints – features necessary to support “ACID properties” for relational databases, which allow the DBMS to ensure that client applications cannot interfere with one another or insert inconsistent values. Earlier versions of the MySQL manual included claims that certain missing ACID features were useless or even harmful, and that users were better off without them. One section, entitled “Reasons NOT to use Foreign Keys constraints” (sic), advised users that relational-integrity checking was difficult to use and complicated a database application, and that its only useful purpose was to allow client software to diagram the relationships between database tables

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