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Global Warming —–A Serious issue Now-a-days

Hi, I just want to aware you all the problems we can face in near future due to GLOBAL WARMING.Global warming started causing damage in many parts of the world.Our glaciers are melting,droughts,water shortage will make our life full of problems …So what we can do….first all of us has to come forward to fight with this International probleme as this is not concerned with one country or two or three this will effect the whole world..
We all can fight with this issue with ease if we all go together..

According to me there should be some LAW for the prevention of global warming.we should use that vehicle that consume less fuel.we should encourage the energy efficient appliances,we should use fluorescent bulbs instead of normal light bulbs…we should choose the renewable energy ex–solar energy ,wind energy.and this is very easy this can be done very easy ..we should plant more and more tress and make our environment green and one major concern also that we should not put all our wastes in our beautiful rivers they not only damage the natral beauty of the rivers but also effect the environment.
we should also encouage the paper bags instead of poly bags which give bad effect on our climate too.
we should prefer the public transport rather than our personel vehcle.

Together we can fight with this probleme plz do something….


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