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Beast in the sky…

The super jumbo is here and ladies and gentlemen there no need to fasten you seat belts of put on your air plugs instead you can enter you comfortable suites with double beds, leather upholstered seats , a table, a 30″inch flat screen TV and internet connectivity. Well for other who can’t afford it there economy seats that can be converted into full flat beds. And you have 500 other people for company. It’s like flying building with a lot of people. Singapore airlines last month was the first customer creating aviation history. The super jumbo promises to be cheaper, environmentally friendly and quietest plane considering the sheer volume of passengers and cargo that it can transport. The super jumbo at first look resembles a monster. It is 72.2 meter long, 24.1 meter high and 79.8 meter wide. Despite its enormous size it is said that the take off and operations are a pilots delight. Although cynics argue that super sized planes are redundant, the order books of the A380 prove otherwise. It is one of Europe’s biggest industrial projects that took seven years of effort and cost 11 billion Euro. Though it was delivered two years late, the wait was worth it. In India the A380 is set to dominate the sky because major airliners like Jet, Indian Airlines are planning on ordering these flying monsters. Kingfisher has already placed orders for five aircrafts and Air India is buying 10 of them. Ironical keeping in mind the fact that none of the Indian Airports can handle passengers and a plane of that size. So buckle up for the super jumbo experience.

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