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Religion is NOT the root of all evil. It is easy to make religion (any religion) the scape goat.

Religion is evil. That’s my opinion. Religion is a concept conjured by evil people to rule the masses.

: Religious fanaticism can certainly “fan the flames”..but it is not the “root” of evil- the root is the worst of human nature- which is to “control and exert power over other humans”..usually women get the brunt of “physical control”.

9/11 was to “exert power over other humans”? random suicide bombings in trains, restaurants…….to exert power over….hmmmm…over random men, women and children? I see.

: In this case, it is a “rage killing”- a combination of anger out of control, a sexist mindset…with the need to “control and overpower women”, and if it does not work, to destroy them. Let us be honest- there are always “double standards for women and men”- and no one religion is better than others when it comes to ‘sexism”.

Double standards exist for those who want to pretend that men and women are equal. If you stop pretending and begin to recognize that men and women are inherently different, these double standard concepts will vanish.

: It is easy to blame God(s) for all our behaviors.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    it is very easy to lay down the guidelines but difficult to follow the same…whether it is religion or anything …

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