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Tourism today is one of the major contributors to global warming. Also global warming affects tourism badly. Tourism and climate change are intertwined. The developed world here too is more the culprit.

People fly to their destinations. We have to inevitably fly to some destinations like some far away islands. The exhaust fumes from the aircrafts directly add to the pollution up above. Luxury resorts and hotels are extremely energy intensive. They use up enormous amounts of energy for the provision of the amenities such as AC rooms, swimming pools, and other luxuries. All this have had its affects. Somwski resorts have had to shut their operations because all the snow has melted away, coral reefs have been washed away by stormy seas, and golf resorts are finding it extremely difficult to maintain their fairways due to the extreme fluctuation of temperature. Tourism in some countries is a very sensitive issue. In a lot of poor countries like Seychelles, Fiji, Maldives and Mauritius and African countries like Kenya tourism is the only source or a major source of livelihood and foreign exchange. So even a slight variation in climatic conditions have affect the livelihood of their people and can bring about crisis in the country.

The solution would be very expensive now because of the large scale changes that have to be made in the functioning of the tourism industry as a whole. Now a day’s governments have taken a more proactive role as it is an issue that can’t be ignored further. Now there nothing much we can do now but if you have the money you can patronize eco resorts

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