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Appam – a sweet dosa


1. Boiled Rice : 200 gms
2. Blackgram : 2 spoons
3. Cumin seeds : 1/4 spoon
4. Salt : for taste
5. Coconut water / coconut milk : 1 cup
6. Baking soda : a pinch

*coconut milk: For coconut milk talk a medium sized coconut and grate it. Take the coconut grate into a bowl and add one cup of water to it . Mix it and then stain the water into another bowl. this is coconut milk.

For making appam first soak black gram (urad dal), boiled rice, cumin seeds one day before (say in the afternoon).After 3 to 4 hours grind the ingredients and allow it to ferment over night. The following day morning add coconut water or coconut milk , salt and baking powder to the mix.Heat a non-stick tawa or a thick based vessel and pour the batter on it. Then rotate the tawa on all sides so that the batter spreads evenly on all sides.At the center let the batter be quite thick. Then add oil around the circumference of batter and keep a plate over it. Allow the appam to boil on a low flame.
Appam is thick at the center and crispy at the ends and is delicious when you taste it hot.

So get ready to prepare and have it in this chill winter.

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  1. rajashreek says:

    That was very yumy receipe & my mouth is filled up with water.

  2. dulaliputra says:

    Nice recipe . I shall try it and taste it.

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