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About tips supply

Yesterday i have given a recomendation about lic housing finance and GMR Infra.
One of the member made a comment to me that “What’s the garantee”.
I am saying to all that I have recomended after watching market .
And my fundamental analysis also showed this reasult.
I am a subbroker of anagram securities LTD.But mind that every broker company have a duty to supply tips to his clients.But as a subbroker I also have a duty to verify the tips given by broker company and then supply proper tips.
But fundamental analysis says that “dont here a broker ya subbroker.Just invest of the based of your own knowledge.
Before invest in market folloe some points.
1) What is the business of this company where i have to invest.
2) What is the future of this company ?
3) what’s the future plan of this company?
4) Earning per share
5)What percentage of shares in promoter groups hand?
5)Don’t me a margin trader but be a investor.
7)Dont buy share but buy business of company.
8) Observe about dividend of company.
9) volume of share is more than 40000 in BSE and 1 lks in NSE,its good.
10)If trades is more than 5/min in NSE its good.
I will write points in next time.

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    In which case you must be very rich and should have made a lot of money. The time time that your spending on eblogs, had you spent in the sharemarket, the money that you would be making will be several times more than this is it not.


  2. pulak_2442 says:

    Pls watch market price of GMR today.Its 6% up.And i am saying you that my blogs are also one kind of advertisement.Someone may be my client by watching my recomendation.But it is possible on my success and good recomendation. By posting blogs in other site and publishing tips i have introduced 5 person as my client.

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