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hyderabad a great place

dear friends

hyderabad is very famous for historic monuments and there culture.hyderabad is a peacefull state.where all religion people leave together like bothers.hyderabad is great place for foreign visitors.hyderabad is well know place in the world.it has so great monumentslike charminar,mecca masjid,salar jung museum,golconda fort,seven tombs,hussain sager,birla mandir etc .hyderabad is also famous for food in hyderabad lots of good food especially birayni.hyderabad now developed into great city. especially hitech city .where all foreign and big companies are there.hyderabad is a great place for travelling.hyderabad is traditional city.hyderabad has beautifull park arund the city.lumbini park,ntr gardens,botonical park etc,now hyderabad is going to a hub for software development.most famous personalitys around the world has travelled hyderabad.bill clinton ,bill gates,bush etc

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