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we got independence in 1947 .it is already 60 years now.still we are bonded.in call centers we are working as a bonded labours.american companys still ruling our country by entering there companys.we are still bonded by politicians we are not independent now also.why we should work in call center as there bonded labour.they are damaging our society by giving our people westernization.this is not at all good for us.still we fill that we work for money.but we have other choices also.we have to follow american rules and conditions in the job.it result in lot of stress and it can damge your kidneys and other organs .indian are running only for a change in job .higher pay is the common for them.it could damage your traditional and religious activities etc.

are we bonded labours after indepedence .now its almost 60 years gone but still american companys ruling us.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    The Call centers donot force any one to join. It is a choice made by individuals to join a call center. This is no bonded labour. The greed for money and easy employment is the cause. Please do not blame the employer. Blame yourself for having chosen a field which you do not relish and then dont fall back on excuses by calling names like bonded labour etc.


  2. maquadeer says:

    World is going towards globilization this is trend which we have to follow it if we have to compet with the world.

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