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politicians playing with telangana people ????

politicians playing with telangana people ????
i,am really sorry about our legend leader kcr, who didn’t has any sense. iam really feeling sad about him.and YS Rajasekhar Reddy,all so no sense,at all. both leader’s playing with telangana people’s.
yes… KCR did not get ministry in CBN’s cabinet he is talking of telengana.What about chinnareddy ,,jeevanreddy and Satyanarayan rao.now MSr got RTC chairman ship he will not talk of telengana.For that matter every body is like that only perticularly telengana leaders.At least KCR is keeping the momvement for last 6 years.Think for a while tomorrow devender goud does not get ministry do you think he will not join KCR? Most of the telenga leaders are like that if they get some thing they will keep quiet.This weak point has been exploited by andhra leaders to the maximum extent(parakasta) by throughing some carrot .I do not know whether venu is telenganite if not he is justified in critising KCR.If he is telenganite I am sorry he will realise only if he is effected till that time he will talk like this only.It is not KCR who ever talks of telengana he will be critised like this.All these days Dr.Chenna reddy was also bad for andhra people they named him chanda reddy what name others should get if chenna reddy is chanda reddy.
First Point:

Telangana people does not love KCR.but for his cause ie ” Voice of Telangana” so that is the reason,in bye election people have voted against Congress,TDP or communist-all top brass leaders hails from andhra region ……and
First of all KCR is mindless and aimless, He brought down the values of politics to worst level.

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4 Responses

  1. admin says:

    They just need a seat and not the welfare. KCR is thinking that if Telangana becomes a separate state, he will become the CM. Whoever supporting this just need a seat and start looting the state. YSR is already selling whatever land government has and as my friend correctly says, he started feeding all of his relatives and friends. He is putting his sincere effort in making all his relatives rich. If we let him go, he will sell everything.

    My Views: I am from Telangana and I noticed development only when Sri. Chadrababu Naidu was in power and everybody knows that whatever IT development seen in AP is just because of his endeavors. I hope Babu again become CM for AP and develop all the regions equally, though there are limitations.

    We are not from Telangana nor from Andhra. We are just Telugus. Remember the Potti Sriramulu’s sacrifice for formation of linguistic state. I am a Telugu and proud of being born here.

    Naveen Kumar

  2. Service_to_all says:

    Politicians play with anything and anybody so longs as it is beneficial only to them and to their near and dear ones alone.


  3. raj911 says:

    hi thnx for comments my friend .

  4. raj911 says:

    hi thnx for comments my friend .

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