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Brahma Puran

This puran Consisting of 10,000 shlokas, Primarily describes the life scretch of Lord Shri Krishna. The akhyanas in the vaidic book called sankhyayan brahmin, Atariya brahmin, Brudhdevata ect have been further eloborated in this puran. This purtan further includes the apologues of anant vasudev of Orissa, Purushottam manir of Puri, Surya mandir of Konark, Bhuvnashwar Kshetra, Ekambar Kshetra, Viraj Kshetra, Godawari Chakratertha, Putroteertha, Urvasi,Atriya-Atreyar etc has become almost of the treasure among the ancient litrary work.In all 32 chapters been alloted to Shri Krishna’s life sketch.
Vasishtha Rishi is decribed as explaining the philosophy of sankhya (science of Number’s-Statistics) to Karaljanka based of a concept of Paap-Punya ( Good & Evil Deeds) the subject like, abode of atma after death. Yamlok, Swarg-Narak (Heaven-Hell) Shradhyakarpa good nature etc are also touched in this puran. This give more importance of th worship of Sun.

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