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10 components of your daily diet to give you that super diet!

Imagine a capsule or pill that could give you all essential nutrients without adding on extra calories! There is no such panacea for the moment and some simple and easily available foods can provide you with all nutrients without the burden of added calories. Try to incorporate these ten foods into your meal plans and you will stay healthy.

1.Eggs: Rich in proteins eggs for breakfast will make you eat lesser calories during the day. Eggs also contain 12 vitamins and minerals and Choline which aids memory and brain development.
2.Low fat yoghurt: Rich in calcium, proteins and potassium. They are also rich in gut-friendly bacteria and heart-healthy plant sterols. Some yoghurts are fortified with vitamin D. If you do not like yoghurt try one cup of skim milk daily.
3.Nuts: Contrary to popular beliefs the nuts are not going to add fats to your system. Of course you must exercise discretion and consume an ounce a day. They are rich in anti-oxidants, proteins, fiber and heart-healthy fats. Try pistacchios, walnuts, almonds, peanuts or pecans.
4.Beans: They are loaded with insoluble fiber that help reduce cholesterol and soluble fiber that aids in a sense of fullness. They are also rich in proteins, carbohydrates, potassium and magnesium. Soya beans are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which protect the heart.
5.Berries: Good things come in small packages. The berries are loaded with anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, fiber, water and are low in calories. Berries can lower the cravings for sweets and are a suitable substitute.
6.Broccoli: Broccoli is one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants and can keep cancers away. Rich in vitamins A, C and K they are also a good source of fiber.
7.Kiwifruit: One kiwifruit a day serves you with an entire day’s requirement of vitamin C. They are also rich in anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins A and E(the only fruit with this vitamin.) They are also mild laxatives due to the fiber content.
8.Sweet potatoes: Replace normal potatoes in your diet with sweet potatoes. Rich in Vitamin A, C, potassium and calcium they can reduce the calorie burden imposed by normal potatoes. Pumpkins and carrots are also similar.
9.Whole grains: Barley, oats, whole wheat and millets are good sources of iron, proteins and fiber. Replace at least half of your daily grain intake with whole grains. They are also rich sources for trace elements like zinc and selenium.
10.Salmon: If available they are one of the best friends of your heart due to an extremely rich content of omega-3 fatty acids. Low in calories and fat they are rich sources of proteins and iron. Try canned tuna if you do not like salmon.

Try these foods out and see how it can improve your food’s flavor and your health too!

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