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An anagram is a wordplay that needs rearrangement of the letters to make a new word. Often the anagram contains clues to decipher the actual word or sentence. Take a look at the following examples. They are such fun!

1. Nice silky woman: Rearrange to get MONICA LEWINSKY!
2. UN’s said he’s mad: Saddam Hussein.
3. Cash lost in “em: Slot machines.
4. Moon starers: Astronomers.
5. Woman Hitler: Mother-in-law.
6. I’m a dot in place: Decimal Point.
7. To copulate he finds interns: President Clinton of USA!
8. Mean as bad lion: Osama bin Laden.
9. Bad credit: Debit card.
10. Built to stay free: Statue of Liberty.
11. These churn air: The hurricanes.
12. Dirty room: Dormitory.

There are hundred of them and its good fun to try to decipher them.

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