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Anil Kumble – The Silent Assassin

November 22nd 2007 will be a red letter day in the career of Anil Kumble, known as the silent assassin in cricket circles but Jumbo affectionately to his team mates.
Anil Kumble at the ripe old age of 37 (in cricketing parlance) will be leading Indian cricket team for the first time as captain against Pakistan in test matches. What a ground to debut as captain! Kumble at Kotla became the second bowler in the history of test cricket to take all 10 wickets in an innings and that too against his opponents today! At the Kotla, Kumble has 48 wickets in 5 matches and they have all come in winning causes.
Few people can doubt this genial giant’s achievements or his commitment to the team cause. Who can forget him bowling 14 overs with a fractured jaw heavily strapped up in bandage in the West Indies?
Kumble stands third on the list of wicket-takers in test cricket and he has taken the art of leg spin bowling to a new level. Not a conventional leg spinner like Shane Warne but his nagging accuracy can play upon the minds of batsmen. Anil Kumble or Shane Warne? Who will I have in my team? For sheer commitment it has to be Kumble. Shane Warne is one of the best bowlers in the history of cricket and can walk into any team but for me Kumble is the man to turn to in a crisis.
What has Kumble achieved that Warnie has not? This is a good trivia question. Kumble has ten wickets in an innings, a test century and now has been made the captain of the Indian cricket team! Hats off to Kumble for his achievements. I am proud to be a Bangalorean!

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