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Cranberry juice – Magic potion against infections?

A new study has demonstrated that Cranberry juice can help us to fight infections caused by E.coli, a gut bacteria.
E. coli is responsible for a host of infections in humans including gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, meningitis and a host of others.

A group of compounds belonging to the tannin family called as Proanthocyanidins (PAC) interact with the bacteria at a molecular level and prevent its adhesion to host surfaces. One of the first steps in E.coli infections is the adhesion of the bacteria to cells in the body and the compounds in cranberry juice forms an energy barrier that keeps the bug away from body cells. The study also showed that the PACs prevent the formation of biofilms which are high concentrations of bacteria by E.coli.

Thus Cranberry juice, in addition to its proven anti-oxidant benefits, can also help prevent infections by E.coli. Women who are prone to urinary tract infections will be better off drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily.

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