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Eat less red meat, stay healthy

Its not the breaking news in medicine. However what we always knew has been ratified by research. About 1 in 10 cases of bowel and lung cancer can be prevented by consuming lesser quantities of red meat and processed meat.

Those who eat beef, pork and lamb increase the chances of getting bowel cancer by 25%, lung cancer by 20%, liver cancer by 60% and Oesophageal cancer by 51%. High numbers to get scared of! The findings released by a UK study demonstrated that reduction in consumption of red meats and processed meats can reduce the incidences of these cancers by 10000 per year. Red meats trigger the production of free radicals, a highly reactive species that destroys cells in the body. Red meats and processed meats also are rich in saturated fat and iron and these aid carcinogenesis.

In the study conducted in the UK half a million people in the age group 50-71 were studied and were divided into 2 groups based on meat consumption. The higher group consumed 100g per day and the lower group consumed 32g per day. Experts from the World Cancer Researchers Fund recommend a weekly allowance of 500g of red meat for a healthy life.


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