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English goof-ups by medical professor!

While in medical school we have had our share of fun at the teachers” expense. However one of them comes to my mind very often. This professor was called as Dr. Basappa. Behind his back we used to call him Oxford Basappa! English is a funny language and this guy took it to a new level.

Some of his goof-ups include:
1. One of our friends was creating a racket in one of the backbenches. The professor told him to get up and follow him out of the class. He left the student there in the corridor and told him “don’t follow me!” In other words he did not know how to tell get out!!
2. On another occasion he told one of the students to open one of the windows so that the atmosphere can come in!!
3. We usually have to do hospital ward rounds in the mornings before classes start. Once he called all of us and told us “come let’s go rotate the hospital!”
4. When another staff member peeped into the class and asked him whether he has seen the principal, pat came the reply “the principal has passed away just now!”

We have had an outrageous laugh at his expense and I hope to god he does not get wind of this post!!

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