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Entry to heaven!

Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso and George Bush all die and are waiting to be admitted into heaven. St. Peter is not an easy man to please and he needs identification from each one of them before letting them go in.

First up is Einstein. St. Peter asks him to prove that he is Einstein. Einstein requests for a blackboard and chalk and starts a lengthy explanation on the theory of Relativity. St. Peter is convinced and lets him enter heaven.

Next is Picasso. St. Peter asks him to prove he is indeed Picasso. Picasso takes a piece of cloth and wipes the black board and draws a beautiful sketch of the surroundings with St. Peter in the frame. St. Peter is convinced and lets him enter.

Last up is George Bush. St. Peter asks him to prove his identity. An enraged Bush asks St. Peter whether he knows George W Bush, the President of US or not. St. Peter tells him politely that it is the rule and even Einstein and Picasso proved their identities before they were let in. George Bush asks St. Peter as to who these gentlemen were. St. Peter is very convinced that the man in front of him is indeed George Bush and lets him enter!!

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