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Greg Chappell’s new tantrum!

Greg Chappell, the former Australian coach of the Indian cricket team, has opened a pandora’s box of sorts by going public about an incident that happened in Orissa a few months back. He has made this statement in a docementary about his two-year stint with the India team which is to be aired on national television next week.

His accusation that he was the subject to a racist act is utterly baseless and comes close on the heels of Andrew Symonds” incident a few days back. Whilst there is absolutely no place for racism in any kind of sport whatsoever Chappell’s allegation resembles a child’s crying for attention!! Why did he keep quiet for so long and suddenly decide to join the racism bandwagon? Is he never tired of getting publicity and a spot in the limelight for reasons that seem good to him but stupid to others? His complaints that if it was an Indian player who was attacked there would have been a hue and cry while his “assault” went unnoticed borders on the lines of a juvenile attitude.

I think it is high time that the BCCI stopped looking for “foreigners” who have this kind of ‘sour grapes” attitude and give the opportunity of being the national coach to a deserving former Indian cricketeer.

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