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Heartening news in HIV-AIDS

The United Nations has corrected its figures and announced that some 33 million people worldwide are living with HIV-AIDS as opposed to the initial figure of 40 million. The revised figures from India has accounted for much of the decrease.
The rates of new cases and mortality are decreasing. The former due to increased awareness and the latter due to better access to anti-retroviarl drugs. Currently there are 6800 new cases daily with 5700 deaths daily. Africa has the most number of people with HIV-AIDS with some 22.5 million people afflicted. South Africa has the most number of cases compared to any other country in the world. Asia has 4.9 million cases. Overall in 2007 there have been 2.5 million new cases which is an improvement from the 3 million the previous year. Annual deaths have fallen to 2.1 million due to access to drugs.
Some people question these estimates because a vast majority of the people with HIV do not even know that they have the disease or virus in them.

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